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CenterPointe is one of Treasure Valley's largest behavioral and mental healthcare clinics that specializes in providing care to children, adolescents and their families. CenterPointe provides a full range of behavioral and mental healthcare and related educational services, including individual therapy, family therapy, psychiatric services, medication management, psychosocial rehabilitation in the community and at school, school drug and alcohol groups, and consultations.

Our Team

Our team, consisting of a board certified psychiatrist, a licensed psychologist, a family nurse practitioner, master's level therapists and bachelor's level professionals, works cooperatively to provide comprehensive, individualized treatment to each child and their family. We serve clients throughout Canyon County and its surrounding areas.


Why choose CenterPointe?

CenterPointe provides treatment of the highest professional standards, and meeting our clients' needs is our foremost concern. Our results reflect our commitment to our standards and our clients: A reliable outcome study indicates 78% of our clients showed a "clinically significant" drop in assessment scores, and that less than 35% of our clients "drop out" of treatment. We attribute this success to CenterPointe's unique qualities.