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“I teach at South Middle School in Nampa, Idaho. A CenterPointe PSR services provider has worked in my classroom since the beginning of the year. I am very pleased and impressed with the service my student has received from CenterPointe. The PSR professionals really know their stuff, and the compassionate care they show their clients is awesome. I wiill continue to recommend CenterPointe to anyone in need of children’s mental health services."

Middle School Teacher



“Since I began working at CenterPointe, I have been blessed with its unique and supportive environment. I have grown as an individual as well as a professional. Many of the skills I have learned at CenterPointe will carry on with me through graduate school. CenterPointe has been a great stepping stone to my future and I am grateful for my experience here."

Ashlea-Ann Thornton,

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist (1+ years)

“CenterPointe’s staff is dedicated to helping the children they work with establish goals and strive toward achievement. Staff members are friendly, outgoing individuals who are always willing to give advice and help you."


Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist (1 year)

“Working at CenterPointe has been an incredible experience for me! It has been great for me to come straight out of college and gain “real life” experience in the mental health field. I feel like my opinions and ideas are always valued and respected. I always feel a part of the team and my supervisors are great to talk with, ask questions and confide in. I have fun working with the kids and their parents and I enjoy seeing their progress. I recommend CenterPointe to anyone who is looking for a place to grow, continue to learn, have fun and work with other dedicated professionals!"

Employee (3+ years)

“CenterPointe offers an exciting opportunity to use my skills and have a positive influence on kids’ lives through PSR. The staff at CenterPointe is well equipped to offer support and to lead, encourage and train employees to be successful in the mental health field. Everyone at CenterPointe, from office staff to the counselors, works hard to create an environment that promotes teamwork and a healthy environment. I encourage anyone who wants to be part of a TEAM that helps improve children’s lives to consider a career at CenterPointe."

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist (2+ years)



“I would like to say my experience with CenterPointe over the past 3 years has been a very positive one. When we initially came there I had made a decision it was the last agency I was going to try before giving up. I knew immediately we were at the right place. [Our daughter] started showing improvement right away. The level of professionalism and caring were such I had not experienced to that point. She has continued to make progress each year. CenterPointe has definitely changed our lives. Not only has our daughter learned to control her behaviors, her PSR worker has taught us better parenting skills. I could not be more pleased."

Dan and Karen S.

“CenterPointe has been a great asset to our family. Two of my children have participated in CenterPointe’s counseling services. My oldest came to CenterPointe very troubled; he was diagnosed with ODD and PTSD. After diligent work with the counselors, PSR providers and clinicians, he has been very successful in his progress. Together we have worked not just as a team, we have become a family. We have set the goals of making the children healthier and doing what is best for them. My oldest is no longer diagnosed ODD. Thank you, CenterPointe, for helping our family pull together and become healthier.


“As a parent, coming to CenterPointe was kind of scary. I thought my son didn’t need help but I found out he did. He needed extra help to guide him into life and help him deal with his problems. Everyone [at CenterPointe] is so friendly and helps us (as a family) with things we need. My son was a bully at school. Now he actually has a kind heart and helps kids instead of hurting them. CenterPointe was the best thing that could have happened to us. Thank you.


“We have had the pleasure and privilege of having a most intuitive, caring and knowledgeable PSR worker for almost two years. Because of him, my grandson has learned so much. I feel fortunate to know this young man and have him be a part of our lives. The entire CenterPointe experience has been positive."



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