Our Treatment Team

Director of Operations

Amie joined CenterPointe in 2003. She started as a PSR worker and then after six years of providing PSR services, she became part of the Quality Assurance team and in 2011 became the Quality Assurance Manager. While Amie was a PSR worker, she facilitated CenterPointe's drug and alcohol educational groups in local middle and high schools. As Quality Assurance Manager, Amie is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations and assists in developing quality assurance programs to ensure compliance in programs CenterPointe offiers. Amie earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Boise State University.


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Founder's Story

CenterPointe, Inc., opened in 2003 when founder Christine Kildow, Ph.D., recognized a need for a professional clinic focused solely on children and their families, offering a full range of mental healthcare services under one roof. Dr. Kildow’s doctoral training in developmental and child psychology inspired her to establish CenterPointe, where children and families receive the highest level of professional care. As clinic director, Dr. Kildow remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations of CenterPointe.