CenterPointe prides itself in creating a psychologically healthy workplace for its employees. We continually strive to be an Employer of Choice for professionals throughout the Treasure Valley. In order to accomplish this we offer a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.

CenterPointe offers:

  • Employee Involvement
    We understand the importance of our employees’ personal lives. To help our employees manage their professional and personal obligations, we offer flexible work scheduling and workloads. CenterPointe employees work collaboratively with their supervisors to determine their schedules.
  • Employee Recognition
    Every employee receives recognition for their commitment to CenterPointe. Gratitude is expressed both monetarily—through yearly pay increases, bonuses, birthday gifts and service gifts—and non-monetarily, through simple but genuine expressions of thanks, as well as our ongoing commitment to creating a healthy, supportive and friendly workplace.
  • Employee Perks
    We recognize the importance of building relationships with all of our employees. To help foster relationships with employees who work outside the office, we offer cell phone reimbursement and mileage reimbursement.