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At CenterPointe, we believe that overseeing the child’s entire treatment program enables us to provide exceptional continuity of care.

Individual Therapy

CenterPointe clients frequently receive individual therapy in combination with family therapy and, when needed, medication. This therapy may take the form of play therapy, art therapy or several other modes, depending on the child’s age, development and diagnosis. CenterPointe’s individual therapy is based primarily on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Children learn to react differently to the situations and bodily sensations that trigger their symptoms. In addition, children learn to understand how their thinking patterns can contribute to their symptoms and how changing their thoughts and assumptions can make their symptoms less likely to occur.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is most often used when a child’s problems stem from some form of family conflict. CenterPointe therapists help families understand each individual’s roles and patterns and how they contribute to their child’s problems and behavior. The underlying theory of this approach is that children do not change unless the whole system (family) changes the behaviors and roles which reinforce misbehaviors.

Psychiatric Medication Management

CenterPointe clients are eligible to receive psychiatric care from our medical staff. Medication is often an important component of treating emotional and behavioral issues.


CenterPointe currently offers these programs:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychiatric Medication Management
  • Community-based CBRS
  • School-based CBRS
  • Community-based Behavioral Intervention
  • School-based Behavioral Intervention
  • Individual Respite Care
  • Crisis Intervention

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